William Hase

Retail Manager

Basic Info: William is a 37-year-old father of four and was born and raised in the Munising area.

Title/Position: Retail Manager → Assures product is in retail area, assists other employees with any problems that may arise, and assures the customers are properly taken care of.

Hobbies/Likes/Passions: "My passions and hobbies include fishing, hunting, mushroom picking, and spending time with my kids." - William

His Experience in the Field (or work experience): William has acquired business and hospitality experience through working in both the restaurant and retail industries. He has also studied the process of growing cannabis plants over the last few years.

His Goals for MCC:

  • To create a place where people can meet and get to know local workers while enjoying locally made products.
  • To provide educational information for all visitors in order to establish a better name and reputation for cannabis.