Shawn St. Amour

Processing Manager

Basic Info: Shawn is 36-years-old and was born and raised right here in the heart of Munising. He briefly moved to California for 5 years where studied and gained experience in outdoor cultivation. Eventually, Shawn moved back to Munising because he missed Lake Superior (understandably).

Title/Position: Processing Manager → (oversees product extractions, packaging & kitchen practices)

Hobbies/Likes/Passions: When he's not working, Shawn loves reading, hiking, camping, kayaking, and gardening.

His Experience in the Field (or work experience): Shawn started gaining experience in the cannabis industry by studying the process of growing cannabis for medical use. After getting his foot in the "green" door, Shawn developed an interest in understanding extraction processes. These experiences led him to California where he became involved in outdoor and greenhouse growing.

His Goals for MCC:

  • Have some of the best tasting and smelling cannabis in Michigan.
  • To educate the public about the importance of terpene and other cannabinoids, not just THC percentages.
  • To produce rare strains that cannot be found in other dispensaries.