Jordan Ryan

Cultivation Manager

Basic Info: Jordan is 31 and was born in Angola, In but moved to the Munising area around the age of 10. He is a father of three, one set of twin boys and one girl. He began cultivating cannabis when it became legal for medical use in Michigan.

Title/Position: Cultivation Manager → (oversees germination, creates nutrient mixtures, evaluates strains and assesses other growing processes)

Hobbies/Likes/Passions: When he's free, you'll catch Jordan hunting, fishing, off-roading, growing (cannabis), and working on vehicles of all makes.

His Experience in the Field (or work experience): Jordan has accumulated over a decade's worth of experience in growing and cultivating cannabis plants. Additionally, his background includes being a Home Restoration Foreman (6 years) and a Lead Tech at a fast paced, off-road shop based out of Shingleton, MI (2 years).

His Goals for MCC:

  • "My goal for Munising Cannabis is to excel at providing a superior (pun intended)/high-quality and locally grown product while assuring that patrons have the best customer experience possible." - Jordan