Jared Rautanen

Opening Manager

Basic Info: Jared is a husband, brother, friend of many and a proud father of 7 who grew up in Munising.

Title/Position: Opening Manager → (Does the initial walk through of the building in the mornings, conducts the initial assessment of the plants/inventory/property, prepares the business before opening hours)

Hobbies/Likes/Passions: Jared's number one passion is his family. He strives to be an outstanding father and prides himself on the strong and healthy relationships he has built within his family. In his spare time, Jared studies scripture (Greek/Hebrew) and hangs out with friends. He taps into his love of the outdoors through biking, hunting, golfing and fishing.

His Experience in the Field (or work experience): Although Jared describes himself as an "excited newbie" in the world of growing cannabis, we consider him a "Cannabis Connoisseur". Prior to signing on as MCC's Opening Manager, Jared spent 19 years in the logging industry as a Professional Timber Faller.

His Goals for MCC:

  • To see Munising Cannabis grow to be an upstanding part of the community that gives back to the lake-front town.
  • Wants Munising Cannabis Co. to earn a Cannabis Cup.