You Don't Have To Strain For a Good Time

Visit our shop for cannabis edibles or vaping oils in Munising, MI

It's easy to enjoy the relaxing sensation of cannabis. But what if you want to enjoy the ride without the smoke? Try cannabis edibles from Munising Cannabis, our local cannabis dispensary in Munising, MI. We've turned our fresh, locally-grown Back to the Future strain into blueberry lemonade gummies. It's the perfect way to enjoy the feeling of our cannabis strains with a cleaner, smoke-free experience.

Our cannabis edibles use the same flowers available for purchase at our shop. With our gummies, you'll experience a deep relaxing effect throughout your body. To discover our cannabis edibles, visit our smoke shop on Mill Street in Munising, MI today.

A new way to get your fix

If you're looking for other ways to enjoy our naturally relaxing products, try our selection of vaping oils and flower rosin. We use a five-ton press to turn our Back to the Future bud into wax. It's highly concentrated, with more THC content than plant matter. You can use it to...

  • Boost your relaxation
  • Make your own cannabis edibles
  • Infuse cigars and bowls

Want an experience that's closer to the traditional smoking vibe? Try one of our vaping oils, made with our flower rosin. With our cartridges, you can get all the enjoyment of our product on the go.

For more information about our selection of vaping oils and rosin products, call us today at 906-387-0420.

Gummies: Tangerine!
THC: 15 mg pre serving/ 150 mg per package

Full spectrum, made with Hash Rosin


Vape Carts: .5 ml carts made with Brown Sugar + Do-Si-Do hash rosin
THC: 75.1%
CBG: 2.24%
CBC: 1.07%


Hash Rosin: Back to the Future x Critical Jack
THC: 70.5%

1 gram for $40